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In this kit, you’ll find everything you need to set up and start using RazorSync today. With these interactive resources, we've provided everything you need to get up and running with our award-winning software. 

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It’s worth spending the time to set the software up fully so you can experience all the award-winning capabilities of RazorSync sooner rather than later. If you can’t dive in today, no problem! Just bookmark this page and get back to it later; you can pick up right where you left off. And if you need more assistance, check out our resource center.

Here's our goal for how RazorSync can work for you and your team.

Imagine you’re in the office and a customer calls to request service for a leaking faucet. You have helped this customer before,
so they're in your system. Follow along to see the steps you would take.

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First things first.

Let’s set up your company and customers, and then we'll get into operations and field staff.

Set Up Your Company

Add your company information and details, and upload your logo; this is what will appear on invoices and reports that you send out.

Add Customers With Quickbooks

Integrating RazorSync with your Quickbooks account will help your company manage everything smoothly and efficiently, from work orders and customer requests to mobile payments and invoices.
Note: This one is crucial to get right for your accounting and customer relationship purposes, so please contact support with any questions, concerns, or even just to double-check your setup!  

Add Customers With a Spreadsheet

Alternatively, if you won’t be using Quickbooks to import or export customers and other information, follow these steps to import customers from a spreadsheet. Pro tip: use our template files to import contacts, service orders, and more.

Now, let's talk about operations.

Setting up RazorSync forms, workflows and quotes will simplify your sales and reporting process.

Customize Forms

Setting up RazorSync forms will simplify data collection and your reporting workflow, ensuring your customer database works smoothly.

Create Quotes

Creating quotes with RazorSync allows you to email them to customers and print them. Plus, you can convert a quote into a work order in RazorSync. 

Mobile Quoting

You can even create quotes on the go! Here's how to create quotes from a mobile device (phone or tablet) in your RazorSync system. 

Finally, let's get your field team set up.

Onboard your field staff with the following short videos that will help them get started using RazorSync.

Log into RazorSync 

Your field techs will need to get comfortable with logging into the app from a mobile device (iOS or Android). Plus, find out how to find your customers and search for them on a mobile device.

Payment Processing

How to process payments in the system if you’re a merchant with RazorSync, plus: how to locate an invoice from the customer page, enable payment via customer portal, void a transaction, take a credit card payment by swiping or manual entry, and create and view payment reports

Sync Across Your Devices

With multi-device syncing, you can keep your whole company up to date. Find out how to set or change synchronization settings in your RazorSync app on a mobile device, plus how to force sync the application.

Feeling overwhelmed? Get started with this checklist! Click to download an interactive version.



Meet your support team!

When you contact RazorSync for support, these are the friendly faces of the folks you’ll talk to. Don’t hesitate to get in touch—they can’t wait to help! Click or tap on each team member to view their contact info.


Andy Lewallen

Andy Lewallen

(615) 258-8351

Catherine Takasugi

Catherine Takasugi

Catherine Takasugi

(612) 428-4057

Derek Johnson-1

Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson

(612) 428-4059


Judy Stork

Judy Stork

(612) 428-4075

Kim Haverty

Kim Haverty

Kim Haverty
(612) 428-4066

Luis Benavides

Luis Benavides

Luis Benavides
(612) 428-4061

Matt Greer-1

Matthew Greer

Matthew Greer
(612) 428-4063


Salvador Rosas

Salvador Rosas
(612) 428-4065

Sam Krutz-2

Sam Krutz

Samuel Krutz
(612) 428-4073

Tim Barklow-1

Tim Barklow

Tim Barklow
(612) 428-4067

Todd Anderson-1

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson
(612) 428-4069

Travis Williams-1

Travis Williams

Travis Williams
(612) 428-4074

Want to explore more?

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